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To: Vice- President of Sales

From: Tanisha Sutton

Date: August 13, 2019

Subject: Sales Analysis

     When reviewing the annual report, overall it was an increase of sales of 12% from 2018 to 2019.

Our biggest product sold for both regions were the Binder. The least products sold were the pencils and desks which continued to decrease.

Central Region is our most popular in sales while sales in the East has decreased. Gill, Howard, Jardine and Sorvino are our top Sales-Representatives.

After reviewing the report my recommendations is as follows, I think that you should put more people in the West Region and in the East Region since there has been a decrease in the area.

By promoting our best Sales-Representatives and putting them in areas, where there is a decrease in sales, and having them selling our least sold products which are the desk and pencils. I could almost guarantee the percentage would sky rocket.

As far as our Sales Representatives we need to let Jones go he has dropped in sales 617%, Morgan needs more training she has 10% in sales. I feel our top Sales.

Representatives, Howard, Jardine, and Sorvino should be considered for promotions their percentage in sales were increased over 200% in 2018 to 2019  total.